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We’re talkin’ hellfire here!

January 31, 2012

I haven’t been blogging this week, because I m working to get my video ready for submission to the American Academy of Neurology’s “Neuro Film Festival.” It has to be submitted to YouTube by 11:59 tonight. Cutting it close, aren’t I? I’ve got exactly the same fired-up, purposeful feeling that I used to get working on my college term papers on the day that they were due. (Yes, the lateness has a remarkable ability to focus my mind.) How does a person explain CPS and its symptoms, the number of people that have it, the way we are treated by doctors, the need for recognition, the need for research, and the need for respect, all in 5 minutes? The video will probably be seen by hundreds of thousands of doctors and patients. The winner of the competition gets to go to New Orleans and speak to the convention in New Orleans at the end of April. Even if it doesn’t win, the video will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. So this is really a marvelous chance to get the CPS message out.

One thing that did seem appropriate, though, is this quote I uncovered. It was written in 254 AD by Cyprian of Carthage. He was explaining to a Christian church what Hell is:

An ever-burning Gehenna and the punishment of being devoured by living flames will consume the condemned; nor will there be any way in which the tormented can ever have respite or be at an end. Souls along with their bodies will be preserved for suffering in unlimited agonies. . . . The grief at punishment will then be without the fruit of repentance; weeping will be useless, and prayer ineffectual. Too late will they believe in eternal punishment…” (To Demetrian 24 [A.D. 252]).

The only difference between CPS and Cyprian’s description is that his Hell lasts for all eternity. Ours only lasts for the entirety of our lives.It does teach you what eternity might feel like, though.

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