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Sunday, and I slept

October 27, 2011

Weight Watchers in the morning: I was up .8 (heavier clothes and six “fin size” candy bars). Providentially, today’s focus was on resisting Halloween candy. This is only the beginning of the annual parade of Candy Holidays, as Jack calls them. (Hey, confectionery manufacturers have to make a living, too!) In the middle of them sit the Six Weeks of Gluttony, like a secular Advent running from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. In our family, the season can run even later, since we celebrate Kingmas every year.

This afternoon, after a huge breakfast of scrambled eggs and three sausage patties, I crashed, sleeping straight through from three pm to 8 pm. I remember a dream in which I was uncontrollably floating towards the sky, like an untethered helium balloon,, I was trying to hold onto any mainstay to prevent soaring away. In the dream, I shouted, “I am uncontrollably buffeted by current events!” In any event, I didn’t actually accomplish anything today – which was the day I was supposed to finish “Balance Your Brain, Balance Your Life.”

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